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Mums on a Mission operates as a network of social services to raise money for their local community and schools, to the needy, hospitals, and various charities compassionately reaching out to help people by organizing events to raise funds.

Mums on a Mission are a group of women who’ve come together, volunteering their time and energy to raise funds for various charities. It all began in 1997 when Ferial Youakim enlisted on her best friends to help and raise money for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The group of eight mothers got together and hosted their first Melbourne cup luncheon in one of their houses to raise money for this cause.  Motivation, enthusiasm, commitment, dedication and hard work are what led this group to continue to raise money for worthwhile causes. Fourteen years later and this group is growing stronger and bigger than ever before. We have corporate, individuals, teens, young adults, men, women, mothers and daughters everywhere working together for the same reason.

Mums on a Mission have been recognized for many of their charitable works. In 2001 Mums on a Mission received both the NSW and National Gold Volunteer Award from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and in 2004 the founder of Mums on a Mission “Ferial Youakim” was nominated for the Australian of the Year Award for contributing and touching so many people with her good work.

The purpose of this group is to unite men and women by inspiring, empowering, supporting, and enriching each and every one of them to help the less fortunate.

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