About Us

About Us

Our Mission Is to Unite Women by Inspiring, Empowering, Supporting & Enriching Each & Every One of them to Help the Less Fortunate.

The Board Members and Divisions of Mums On A Mission
Mums on a Mission Oatlands Division – 2012
President Sabah Esber
President Elect Ferial Youakim
Secretary Sylvia Abboud
Treasurer Suzanne Helou
VP Membership Jackie Azzouni
Event Co-Coordinator Lamia Wehbe
 Youth on a Mission Oatlands Division – 2011
President Phillip Youakim
Secretary Souzie Kraidieh
Treasurer Keegan Joyce
Event Co-Coordinator Helena Wehbe
Mums on a Mission Oatlands Division – 2010
President Lamia Wehbe
Secretary Sue Helou
Treasurer Maissa Hatoum
VP Membership Ferial Youakim
Event Co-Coordinator Sabah Esber
Mums on a Mission Strathfield Division – 2010
President Hemani Thukral
Vice President Adriana Portolesi
Secretary Vicky Paras
Treasurer Mariam Tanour
Assistant Treasurer Lara Nicolas
Welfare Chair Caroline Hatoum
Administrator Evelyn Lin
Event Co-Coordinator Dolly Diab
Sponsorship Co-Coordinator Andree Nader
Moms On A Mission Florida Divison – 2006
President Kitty Barran
Secretary Pam Jabbour
Treasurer Kathy Feanny
VP Membership Ferial Youakim


Mums On A Mission Founding Members (1997) Ferial Youakim, Denise Saad, Sandra Esber, Eileen Behan, Sue Behan, Lamia Wehbe, Sabah Esber and Kate Joseph.

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